Tuesday, June 07, 2011

UPDATE: 'Loving God - Inspiring Change' has now MOVED


'Loving God - Inspiring God' has now MOVED!

Please come & take a look at the new website: This will be being UPDATED in the next few weeks. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems/questions!


Bless You!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey everyone!

Just so you know, in the next few weeks I am updating 'LOVING GOD - INSPIRING CHANGE!".

You will see the Blog gradually have some significant changes taking place in the style & NEW content over the next few weeks, I believe these changes will be a become a great Resource for people all over the world who view the Blog.

The new Blog will look better, have NEW features, NEW Links, NEW Resources, NEW Featured Articles & have NEW tools to help you in your Faith life!

Keeping checking back in the next few weeks! :)

If you attend SpiritLife - keep checking out the page for updates & info. in regards to the Group & what God is doing!

In the mean time, check out my YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter!

www.youtube.com/SamGrebert or 'SamGrebert' on Twitter



Jesus Is Lord

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gay Christian blasts "bigoted" Madden...


Just thought I would write a brief update regarding Peter Madden
(Christian Democratic Party) & his attack on Sydney Mardi Gras - 

Just so you all know:

SameSame have written an article about my YouTube response video! I am very grateful for them doing this as it gives Gay Christian's a great platform in the media & is causing people to actully discuss the issue of being both Gay & Christian & what it means.

Check It Out!  :-)

Jesus Is Lord

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Response To Peter Madden: Sydney Mardi Gras

My response to Peter Madden (Christian Democratic Party) concerning his attack on the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, His attack on freedom of expression, His blatant Religious intolerance & his complete disregard of LGBTIQ rights &
everything Mardi Gras stands for - A celebration of:




Jesus Is Lord

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall in LOVE with Jesus!


Just thought i'd take a moment at the start of this week, to just tell YOU to...

Fall in LOVE with JESUS!

This is a NEW YEAR! A Year of NEW beginnings - A year of NEW opportunities to LOVE Jesus more than ever.

The earth desires a relationship with the Father, YOU are blessed to already have that relationship through Jesus - It is your year & time to  renew it, develop it & strengthen it.

I believe this is one of the greatest things we can develope - our relationship with Jesus!

Jesus is waiting & longing for your love, attention, prayers & adoration... He wants & desires YOU! He wants  to be your greatest friend & companion. He will never leave you or forsake you.

Every opportunity you have is because He loved you first & has given you the chance to be His witness to everyone around you - through Him saving you from death & sin, giving you a NEW life in Him!

Let this be your year to show Him how you love Him & how you want to desire more of Him: Let your very being crave Him, let your actions demonstrate Him, let your thoughts dwell on Him, let your spirit-man be transformed into His likeness!

Fall in LOVE with Him...

Jesus Is Lord

Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's All About Jesus...

Hey All.

Hope your all keeping well.

I decided to write a brief Blog while in Grafton with the folks. Firstly, this topic came about due to a few different things that have happened this week for me personally - main issue was the passing away of my Nan from cancer... this was a major thing for me to deal with.

In this entry i want to be 'real' & transparent with everyone about what this experience meant for me. This experience has been both challenging & confronting - but also a constant reminder that the only thing that matter is JESUS! It's all about Jesus.

I have been reminded throughout this week that 'things' happen while we are here on earth - we aren't immune to accidents, failures, imperfections or even death itself.... Yet. ;-)

I believe it's what we do when these bad things happen to us that is the defining point in our lives, the thing that makes us different. So do we just give up? throw in the towel? get depressed? ... OR do we make a CHOICE to rise above the situation/circumstance & not let it overcome us? The last is the one I believe God wants us to apply to our lives.

This is when I came to the answer that it is simply 'All about Jesus' - nothing else really matters in this world except Him & how we respond to Him.

Jesus is everything we ever need!

He is our Father - if we are fatherless.
He is a mother - when we are motherless.
He is our brother & sister - if we have no siblings.
He is our comfort - when we are troubled.
He is our peace - when our lives are in turmoil.
He is our joy - when we can't laugh.
He is our doctor - when we get sick.
He is our lover - when we are un-loved.

Jesus is everything YOU need!

Even though Nan has passed away I know that she is with Jesus - like the Scripture says: she is seated in heavenly places, far above all sickness & disease, principalities, rulers & powers, & now she has a glorified spirit-body; a body that is no longer subject to suffering, pain, weakness, disease, or cancer.

This is the one thing that has been my focus this last week when i was told she had gone home. Only this reality made the difference between me & a non-believer, the reality of Jesus in her life & the HOPE that this brings to us.

It' ALL about Jesus. I pray you are encouraged & can relate on some level to what i am trying to share. Let this encourage you to not be dis-couraged by your circumstance & situations that seem to oppose you, but to rise ABOVE them!

Bless you.

Dedicated to Nan -

Doreen Grebert (1930 - 2011)

In God's care...

Jesus Is Lord