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Matthew Shepard... A Living Memory

1976 - 1998

A young guy killed for being 'GAY'?? How could this happen?? What caused this horiffic event to take place??

I remember first learning about Matthew Shepard through a datime Movie on TV atleast 6 years ago, it was the Movie they have made which tells the story of this young Gay man & the issues he faced within himself & his life.

I was totally ignorant of the whole 'Story' before seeing this Film - I had no idea who Matthew Shepard was or that he even existed up until this point. It was only then did I realise the horrific experiences that he endured & the Legace he has left for others.

What does Matthew Shepard mean to you??

Matthew Shepard to me means a great deal, everything he went through - Im sure we can relate to on some level, at some point in our lives, the daily issues he faced - the same ones we still continue to face within our social settings, workplaces & society in general.

Matthew's Story is one of tragedy but also of triumph. His Story is one of relevance, acceptance & forgivness against the most horrendous Homophobic behaviour.

I believe we can all learn from Matthew's courage in the face of complete adversity.

Lets let Mathew's life be a constant reminder of what some people go through in this life & let his life be an example for us all - his life was one full of everyday issues, pain, struggles, hatred, discrimination - but also his was a life of HOPE.

Let Mathew be our example: Live a life of HOPE!

HOPE surpasses any tragedy & the circumstances about us, Jesus IS our HOPE!

For more info about Mathew's Legacy & life check out: 'Mathew Shepard Foundation'


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