Monday, December 27, 2010

Lonnie Frisbee... A Forgotten Memory.

LONNIE FRISBEE 1949 - 1993


"Lonnie Frisbee (June 6, 1949 – March 12, 1993) was an American Pentecostal evangelist and self-described "seeing prophet" and mystic in the late 1960s and 1970s. Despite(
or because of) his hippie appearance and being a man who struggled with homosexuality, Frisbee had notable success as a minister and evangelist.

Contemporary accounts attributed his accomplishments to his incredible anointing of the Holy Spirit. Frisbee was a key figure in the Jesus Movement and eyewitness accounts of his ministry documented in the 2007 Emmy-nominated film Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher explain how Lonnie became the charismatic spark igniting the rise of two worldwide denominations (Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Movement). It was said that he was not one of the hippie preachers, "there was one."

Frisbee, who functioned as an evangelical preacher also privately socialized as a gay man both before and during his evangelism career. This is held in tension with the fact that he said in interviews that he never believed homosexuality was anything other than a sin in the eyes of God and both denominations prohibited gay sexual behavior. Both churches later disowned him because of his active sexual life, removing him first from leadership positions, then ultimately, firing him . As part of his ostracism from his former churches his work was maligned but he forgave those who tried to discredit him before his death from AIDS in 1993."


Lonnie Frisbee had a remarkable story - a story that evangelical Christianity has tried to ultimately forget & supress from its history books.

Lonnie was a Hippie, a former drug addict & an openly Gay man - but more importantly he was a radical deiciple of Jesus Christ & Minister of the Gospel.

His Ministry in the Jesus People Movement, Vineyard Movement & Calvary Chapel changed, impacted & transformed thousands of lives! His life & teachings are not something we can afford to just neglect or willingly be ignorant of.

I believe Lonnie Frisbee's life is a story which is intruiging, unique but also quite sad. Lonnie passed away from AIDS in 1993, he was aged 44. When he passed away he was abandoned by the Church, forgotten & his Ministry reputation had been discredited entirely when he 'outted' himself again - when he chose to be honest & upfront. Lonnie had already forgiven the people who he once was associated with in Ministry for the way they & the Church handled everything & for what they did to him in ignorance & haste by the time he passed away.

We can learn alot from Lonnie Frisbee & how God uses people despite our weakness & imperfections. God chose Lonnie for a mighty purpose that changed & shaped Church history.

As Gay Christians we can gleem alot of inspiration & influence off of Lonnie's Ministry & what God did through him.

His life is still a living Testimony of God's faithfulness, favour & desire to move through openly Gay Christians who will hear His voice & move in His Anointing.

Stir yourself up to believe God for more - MORE Grace, MORE Power, MORE Anointing, MORE Opportunities, & MORE of HIM!! 

We will see God raise up lots of "Lonnie Frisbee's" in the earth.... that even though Evangelical Christianity has tried to forget who Lonnie was & what God chose to do through him - they will not be able to ignore an uprising of Holy Spirit Gay Christians who choose to respond & hear His voice.

It time for a new generation to awaken to the realities that Lonnie walked in, awaken again to the simple Gospel, a Gospel that relevant for everyone who hears it - An inclusive Gospel.

Jesus Is Lord


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sounds From Heaven.... Raining Presence Music

Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

I want to introduce you to a husband & wife team in the USA who have a Prophetic Worship Ministry - Raining Presence Music

This music of Alberto & Kimberly Rivera has a sound of Heaven on it - it creates an Atmosphere of God's Glory & Presence!

As soon as you start to listen to their Worship you can 'sense' something tangibly different compared to other Artists, I believe it is the Anointing of the Holy Spirit!

This music as you listen to it will lift you up into His Presence & deeper into the Glory realm - the miraculous realm where God manifests Himself to us!

Alberto & Kimberly's Worship is a mixture of spontaneous & the prophetic, intimate recordings of songs given by the Holy Spirit to the Church, the Anointing flows off every lyric as the songs flow together on the recordings.

Kimberly & Aberto are Spirit-Led in their worship - Spontaneous songs, Prophetic influeces & singing in the Spirit (Tongues) are common throughout.

I recommend anyone wanting more of God, anyone wanting to go deeper into the things of the Spirit - anywone wanting pure Worship in Spirit & Truth to either contact their Ministry via the link or purchase their music via iTunes.

This Anointed music will draw you up into His Glory - you can be healed from this music - the Anointing breaks the chains of bondage over & around us! You can be set free from addictions, depression, sickness & demonic influnces by listening to this Anointed Holy Spirit music!

Check Out!

or search 'Kimberly & Alberto Rivera' on iTunes to find their cd's

Jesus Is Lord

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It Gets Better!!

**This is Bishop Gene Robinson's "It Gets Better" youtube video. His video is transparent, honest & encouraging! Gene Robinson is an openly Gay Bishop within the Church.
Check it out! Its a great Video!

Hey All.


No matter what it looks like now, where you are, or what's happening around you. It WILL get better!! I promise.

I know what it feels like when you feel you have no-one to talk to, reach out to, or someone to confide in. When your all alone in a dark place - a place where you cannot think clearly about things - a place which feels like a 'prison' around your mind & around about your very existence - until it feels like you have no hope, strength, or will to go any further.

I want you to know that, YOU are Unique, Special, Loved & have so muchValue!
Everything you do in life is important, valuable & is great because it's totally YOURS!

There is always HOPE, you are never alone in this life, someone - somewhere cares about you, thinks about you & truely loves you! You are never alone... even in your darkest hour.

I want to encourage you, that God has an awesome plan for your life, things you could only ever dream of, so wonderful that you couldn't comprehend the total understanding of it! Your life is a living example to others, YOU are a shining example of Hope to others! People who are going through the same things as yourself.

I once was in that place of total hopelessness & didn't know how I would cope with everything that appeared to be spiraling out of control around about me - My emotinoal struggles, the Church & friends abandoning me, having to tell Mum & Dad the truth about the whole 'Gay' thing! All these things took a toll on my mental health & physical health.

There is HOPE for you!

My life is now great! I have a loving, accepting family who love me for who I am - not who they think I shouold be. I have a wonderful Boyfriend Ben, he means everythig to me - Ben constantly challenges me to do life better! I am blessed to be doing life with him!

It truely did get better for me! Just like it will for YOU aswell.

This is the Truth that I have - that God dosent hate you! God dosen't want you to change! God isn't condeming you! God isn't abandoning you! But.... instead He (God) is:

- Loving
- Faithful
- Gracious
- Compassionate
- Merciful
- Understanding

This Truth will set YOU Free! You are LOVED by God! YOU have a bright FUTURE!

It will & IS getting better for YOU! Everyday is a NEW day, a NEW opportunity for YOU!

Some great websites with info to help you are:

Feel free to contact me or these websites if you want someone to talk to. We are all here for you. :-)

Sam x

Jesus Is Lord

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Power Of YOUR Testimony: GayChristianOnline

Hey All....

**This Story is submitted by a new friend over in the USA, His story is amazing to read & a great encouragement to us all. Check out his website aswell!.**

I grew up in a Christian home in Kansas attending an Assemblies of God church.  I knew something was different about me in my teen years.  I wasn’t like the other guys.  I knew this difference was something bad and something I should hide, so I repressed these same-sex feelings for many years.

My charismatic upbringing always encouraged me to have faith, pray, and seek God’s help! I prayed for God to change me.  I believe in the supernatural power of God. I have miraculously experienced God’s healing of my back in a car accident, and so I even had tremendous faith that God could even change me from being gay to being heterosexual. 

While attending the University of Kansas, I remember going to the library seeking to find answers about myself.  I read books on homosexuality.  I enjoyed taking many classes in psychology.  However, my charismatic faith upbringing always encouraged me to come to God when I needed help. In my heart, I believed that what I was experiencing as same-sex attractions was wrong, and so for many years I prayed, fasted and did everything I could to bring me closer to God. I believed that I would experience my miracle by drawing close to God.

This desire for change was so great in that it was a part of the reason why I chose to transfer my studies to Central Bible College with the Assemblies of God. I’m thankful for my time there. I remember getting my close friends in the dorm to wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to pray for one hour and begin our day seeking God. The bubble like Christian environment was a safe place to draw near to God; however, I recognized that everyone around me disapproved of homosexuality. So I kept this part of my life hidden from everyone around me.  I continued to seek God with all my heart, soul, and mind!

I became involved in ministry, and so I continued graduate studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary. I became involved working in full-time ministry for several years. During that time, I continued to feel that I could just repress my sexuality and pour myself into God and full-time service.

Prayer, fasting, bible college, seminary, and full-time ministry in American Chinese churches and Christian organizations in the U.S., never changed my same-sex attractions.  I had a hard time to reconcile my faith and sexuality together, so I ended up resigning from full-time ministry.  I ended up taking a teaching position overseas in Taiwan since I always had a heart for Asia.

Over the next 5 years, I found it extremely hard coming to terms with who I was as a gay man and also believing the church that I couldn’t be in a relationship with God because I was gay. My life kind of spiraled into some very destructive patterns until I was brought back to the U.S.

Kind of hitting rock bottom spiritually and emotionally, the Holy Spirit moved upon me and powerfully made me aware of how much He loved me...all of me...including the fact that I am gay.  I came across a video of Rev. Ed Bacon saying the words, “Being gay is a gift from God.” For the first time in a very long time, I felt God’s presence in and all around me. I knew God loved all of me...including me being gay. God’s love transformed my life that night.

Those events brought me back to an all inclusive loving church.  I’m so grateful for God and His wonderful grace in rescuing me and revealing His great love for me!  I’m also thankful for God blessing me with a wonderful godly partner!

I’ve recently came out to my parents.  I’m thankful that their immediate response was that they love me! It’s difficult for my parents to understand, but I am praying for them.

My prayer everyday is no longer, “God I don’t want to be gay.”  But now I’ve learned to love myself and I recognize my calling is to truly love others.


Jesus Is Lord

Monday, October 18, 2010

LOVE Is.... LOUDER!! :-p

LOVE is - LOUDER than Hate!
LOVE is - LOUDER than Ignorance!
LOVE is - LOUDER than Fear!
LOVE is - Louder than Pain!
LOVE is - LOUDER than Insecurities!
LOVE is - LOUDER than Suffering!
LOVE is - LOUDER than Poverty!

LOVE never fails...  :-P

How LOUD is YOUR Love?

How LOUD is YOUR Love for GOD?
How LOUD is YOUR Faith?
How LOUD is YOUR Passion for People?
 How LOUD is YOUR Love for YOUR City?

Transform YOUR 'World' with His Radical, Passionate, Extravagant, Un-endingUn-meritted, Un-deserving LOVE!!

Jesus Is Lord

Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so excited about what GOD has planned for the LGBT Community!

I believe we have such a great opportunity to show & demonstrate JESUS to the lost, hurting, discouraged, suffering, ashamed, abused, addicted & broken within the LGBT Community - An opportunity to bring HOPE, MERCY, GRACE, LOVE & HEALING.. To a Community where these things have been missing.

GOD is LOVE! Everything He does is done with this as His motive, Jesus NEVER judged, criticized or persecuted the 'sinner' instead He demostrated His unfailing MERCY, GRACE, LOVE to whoever He was with & around!

Jesus only ever critisized, judged & utterly condemed the Religious instituiton of His day!

He was always condeming their blatant hypocrisy, arrogance, heavy expectations that they placed on their followers.

Do we as the Church - judge, critisize, condem people & put them in the 'too hard basket'??

GREAT news is that GOD has NO 'too hard basket'! YAY!! :-D

"With man it is impossible, BUT with GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE!!"

I want YOU to know that:

* JESUS died for YOU!
* YOU are LOVED by GOD!
* YOU have a GREAT future!
* YOU are NOT alone!
* YOU are NOT an accident or a mistake!
* YOU can be HEALED!
* YOU can be FREE from your addictions!
* YOU cannot be seperated from GOD'S Love!

It is OUR responsibility to ANNOUNCE & SHOUT the GOOD News (Gospel) to OUR LGBT Community & supporters - That they ARE Loved, Respected, Valued, Honoured & especially NOT alone!

Jesus Is Lord

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Suicide In The House Of God...

Hi All....

I want to write a Blog about a  disturbing issue currently taking place in Australian Churches.

I believe that Jesus Christ is all about LIFE!

Everything Jesus did was motivated for the good of Humanity, whether it was eating with the sinner, healing the sick, having compassion on the needy or even dying on the cross - everything Jesus did bought LIFE to individuals...

Jesus is all about bringing HOPE, FAITH, GRACE, MERCY, LOVE & ACCEPTANCE to a hurting world.

The Gospel (Good News) is NOT exclusive but is meant to be INCLUSIVE.

This is a such a sad topic but i feel that we need to discuss this & what it actually means for individual people/families & the Church.

This makes me feel so upset that people feel they no longer have any Hope - even within the Body Of Jesus Christ. This is so sad that this is happening to people, people who God Himself loves - people who Jesus Christ died for!

The whole concept all sounds foreign & alien - as this is definately NOT what we have been taught the Church is about, what the Church apparently stands for, the same Church that apparently has a message of 'Hope' for a hurting humanity, but unfortunatelty this is happening in Australian Churches.



Or is it a totally different Gospel??

The point in writing this blog entry was to make people aware of a current developing 'trend' within the Church in Australia. This is a devastating situation for everyone involved.

We need to make a statement & be resolved that this is total un-acceptable within the life of our Churches.

Reach out to people & actually BE Jesus to the hurting, the needy, the un-loved, the rejected, the depressed, & the suicidal!

Start a conversation with your Pastors, Youth Leaders, Councellors & anyone who may be interested or have an influence into the life of people regarding this Issue!

This 'trend' needs to change!

Jesus Is Lord

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Life Of Unlearning

One man’s struggle to reconcile his homosexuality with the views of the Church.

This is a story about living your truth – embracing who you are and living the life you were meant to live. Whether you’re gay or straight, a Christian or a non-believer, you’ll find relevance in Anthony’s tale. On the surface, Anthony Venn-Brown was a happily married father-of-two and an evangelist preacher for the Assemblies of God Church – but he was living a lie. Tired of feeling torn and fragmented, he confessed and came out, and the results of that confession took him on a lonely journey that made him who he is today.

“A Life of Unlearning should be compulsory reading for every man, woman and child in Australia …” — Gary Fishlock, Editor SX

“The story of a quest to find not only self-acceptance but one of the most powerful forces in nature – human love.” — The Hon. Michael Kirby

** This can book can be ordered from Amazon**

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Beginning...


Wow! its been a while since my last blog.... I hope everyone is well! :-p

So much has changed in the last few months for me, I've been blessed with a new, full-time job, a new Appartment in Erskineville, numerous new friends & a loving partner....

Over the last 12 months of living in Sydney - it has been challenging, confronting & rewarding.

I want to take some time to explain a few things...

* I steped down from Ministry due to personal issues/struggles

* I was suffering emotionally/physically

* When i turned to Church leaders for help - i received negativity, criticism, judgement & ignornace - this just led to me totally distancing myself from all Church involvement - I needed a 'time-out' from the whole thing.

I now only have limited contact with people back home - this is due to the awkwardness that unfortunately has come from seeking help from certain people who knew little about how to respond to me & my disclosure of homosexual feelings, instead they responded in fear, anger & ignorance - trying to assist me in the limited way they best knew how, I no longer hold any regrets from my experiences with these people & have totally forgiven them - as I believe they tried to help me the best way they knew of & I also believe what we go through develops character, challenges our mind-sets & finally matures us.

I have come to the realisation that God's GRACE, MERCY & LOVE is totally un-conditional,
un-merited & un-desserved & that nothing we do in life can seperate us from His love, & in our darkest hour God's love pierces through & gives us hope.

Through everything, God has shown me that despite the Church's apparent short comings, failures & appearance of a lack of understanding concerning people & the things they go through, that he is still able to reach into our current situations & circumstances & show us a much better way to deal with things....

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,  neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8: 38-39 (NLT)

Nothing we do in life is able to cause us to be seperated from God's Love - even when we think we have gone so far in the opposite direction away from His love, He will constantly pursue our hearts with His grace & goodness & mercy.

Through this whole experience God has been present with me despite 'me' getting in the way constantly.

I have met numerous different people who have gone through similar experinces through Church life, this is when I realised I wasn't alone at all in my experiences, this has become a reality to me as i have started attending an organisation called 'Freedom 2 [b]' which is a registered charity/support network for people from Pentecostal/Charismatic/Evangelical church backgrounds.

Through this organisation I have met wonderful people who love God with everything they have, I have also met Anthony Venn-Brown (Freedom 2[b] Co-Founder) & Benjamin Gresham (Freedom 2 [b] Youth Co-Ordinator - Sydney) these are two people who i highly respect, for the experiences they have come out of & for what they have contributed to me while I have been living in Sydney.

**Benjamin Gresham is also my better other 1/2 - I love & appreciate everything he does & for his passion for God - he keeps me on the straight & narrow** :-P

In writting this I only ever wanted to be transparent in my thinking, reasoning, the experiences I have gone through, & to be honest about myself & where I am currently at - I refuse to live a lie anymore.

I would like to say "Sorry" to anyone that has been affected by my choices during this time, I appologise sincerely for any pain, anger, confusion that I may of caused you. Sorry. This was never my intention.
If you read this & have any questions, send me an email, I will reply back asap. Thanks

Well, you briefly know what has been happening in the last 12 months, things are constantly changing & developing... in the next few weeks there will be regular updates about things im looking at doing here in Sydney & just general info about doing 'life'.

"The enemy we fight is not individuals, political parties or denominations - the enemy is ignorance" - Anthony Venn-Brown

Jesus Is Lord

Monday, April 19, 2010


"For the Word that God speaks is ALIVE and full of POWER [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the [a]breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart."

Hebrews 4:12 (Amplified)

In HIM: What you HAVE in Jesus Christ!

  • In HIM (Jesus) - I HAVE forgivness of sins (Col. 1:14)

  • In HIM - I HAVE Redemption (1 Cor. 1:30)

  • In HIM - I AM sanctified (1 Cor. 1:2)

  • In HIM - I AM a child of God (Rom. 8:16)

  • In HIM - I AM alive unto God (Rom. 6:11

  • In HIM - I REIGN in LIFE (Rom. 5:17)

  • In HIM - I always TRIUMPH (2 Cor. 2:14)

  • In HIM - I have LIBERTY (Gal. 2:4)

  • In HIM - I have the LIFE of God (Eph. 2:5)

  • In HIM - I CAN do all things (Phil. 4:13)

  • In HIM - I HAVE the LOVE of God (1 Jn. 4:16)

  • In HIM - I have VICTORY (1 Jn. 5:4)

  • In HIM - I have NO condemnation (Rom. 8:1)

  • In HIM - I AM a conqueror (Rom. 8:37)

  • In HIM - I HAVE wisdom (1 Cor. 1:30)

  • In HIM - I AM a joint-heir with Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:17)

  • In HIM - I LIVE by the POWER of God (2 Cor. 13:4)

  • In HIM - I HAVE eternal LIFE (Jn. 3:15-16)

  • In HIM - I HAVE peace with God (Rom. 5:1)

  • In HIM - I AM loved of God (Rom. 5:8)

  • In HIM - I HAVE an ABUNDANCE of GRACE (Rom. 5:17)

  • In HIM - NOTHING can seperate me from God's LOVE (Rom. 8:38, 39)

  • In HIM - I KNOW GOD! (1 Jn. 5:20)

Theres are just some of the things that God says we HAVE in Jesus Christ!!

There is a power when we speak these things over ourselves daily.... it WILL renew our minds, set us free from the devil, heal us.... Speak God's Word!

Jesus Is Lord



Misty has been a worship leader and songwriter, and has served on the Prayer Room leadership team at IHOP-KC since its inception in September 1999. Misty was raised in a home filled with music and the entire family is now heavily involved in raising young worshippers at IHOP-KC. Misty has been actively writing songs since she was sixteen, and continues to grow in the craft while encouraging others to do the same.

Misty’s passion is to see singers and songwriters who are primarily forerunners with a message concerning God’s personality and the return of His Son. For such a time as this, she believes God is raising up prophetic theologians who will write songs like King David—declaring the knowledge of God in the context of knowing the times and the seasons. She believes music is the most powerful way to get a room of people to join together with one heart, one mind and one voice. “When songwriters write songs after God’s heart,” she says, “it will cause a corporate people to agree with Lord, which will usher in His presence and prepare His Bride for the great and terrible things that are about to come upon the Earth.”

Misty's latest CD's are: 'FLING WIDE' & 'POINT OF LIFE'
*Both of these CD's & others are available from the USA*

Jesus Is Lord

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Rick Pino is the founder of FIRE RAIN MINISTRIES, an established, covered ministry that is sent out by Apostle and Pastor Robert Summers and Mt. Creek Church in Dallas, Texas. Rick is a dynamic prophetic minister from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Lord is using Rick to set the church as well as the lost free through his deep, heart gripping music, prophetic words, and passionate messages. The mighty anointing that you will sense in one of his meetings comes out of and is deeply rooted in the intimate place of fasting and prayer.

Rick's latest Album is: 'SONGS FOR AN END TIME ARMY'

*Rick Pino CD's are available from the USA - NOT in Australia*

Jesus Is Lord



Kim Walker is a joyful, radical lover of Jesus! She lives to worship Him with every ounce of her being. One of the greatest desires of her heart is to see God’s kingdom and power manifest for people to be set free, healed, and radically changed as they encounter God in worship.

Kim currently leads worship and pastors the worship team at Bethel Church in Redding, California. She has quickly become one of the strongest voices for the current youth revival. She is a passionate worship leader with an anointing to bring an entire generation into an encounter with God. All of those who are in a worship service led by Kim will catch her contagious love to worship.

Kim's latest CD is: 'HERE IS MY SONG' - available from Koorong for $24.95

Jesus Is Lord

Worship In Spirit & Truth


Was pondering the whole concept of Worship today, & was thinking about how far the Church has come away from the 'old school' stuff... especially in the Pentecostal circles...

We no longer have annointed Lyrics - a song is a song mentality

We no longer can sing in Tongues - offensive to the 'Un-Churched'

We no longer allow free form 'spontaneous' worship - to time consuming

We no longer have the Gifts active in our Worship services.....

What has happened??

What has gone W R O N G??

Recently i went through & culled all of my Worship CD's i hav accumilated over the years.... I was saddened to find that there is only very select few i will b keeping on they are I believe annointed, Spirit-Led, Spontaneous & Prophetic....

I believe we as the Church need 2 come back to the FORMER 'type' of Worship that we once had in Pentecostalism.... Worship that pleased God... Worship that was in "...Spirit & Truth".
It was free from secularism, performance & had a 'raw' edge of reality to it....wasnt perfect, but pleased God.

Here's a few links to music im listening to:

*Koorong carries Kim Walkers current CD & Jesus Culture CD's*
** Rick Pino CD's must b purchased from the USA - email me for info**

"But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit (Holy Spirit) and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth."

John 4:23-24 (New Living Translation)

Jesus Is Lord

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Get Out Of Egypt! :P

I was thinking today about how the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt & how God sent them Moses, & how He called them out of Egypt into the Promised Land.

Just like a type of 'Moses' the Church is to be a Prophetic voice to the Nations, Cities & Society. We are to be a beacon of HOPE to a hurting humanity... We ARE the Church of Jesus Christ, Ambassadors of God's Glory in the Earth.

Just like the Israelites were captive in Egypt, we can be held as 'captives' to emotions, hurts, suffering, pain, addictions, depression. Egypt held the Israelites captive through suffering, pain, intimidation & control.

The Devil will hold u captive by fear, self-doubt, lies & unbelief. All of these things are tools he will & does use against the Church & people within society. It is OUR  job as the Church to set people free from these things, to deliver them out of their own personal 'Egypt' & into their 'Promised Land' - the place God has appointed for them...

"..... I (Jesus) came so that everyone would have LIFE, and have it in its FULLEST."
John 10:10 (CEV)

Jesus Christ came so that we can & would have an eternal, prosperous, successful, full life in Him...that we would be free from sin, sickness & the 'works' of the devil.

It is our job as God's Church - Anointed & Called for 'Such a time as this' to SHINE forth God's GOODNESS, KINDNESS, FAITHFULNESS towards people.... the same people with  the same problems, same situations & the same sins that Jesus died for 2000 years ago.

This is the time for us NOT to back down, be discouraged or depressed! NO!!
We have the V I C T O R Y .... We have the S O L U T I O N .... We HAVE Jesus Christ - The Hope of Glory living in US!!

We need to start an 'Exodus' out of 'Egypt' for OUR friends, families, work collegues... start to believe God for CHANGE in their lives & situations!

I believe God needs some crazy Christians who take Him at HIS Word.... who will walk & run in Faith for what He has called them to do....without doubting or questioning or reasoning things away - Just simply BELIEVING God will do what He has told them He will do, Who will go out full of FAITH, HOPE, BOLDNESS & VICTORY.

GO out & lay hands on the sick - get them healed, baptise people in the Holy Spirit, cast out demons in His Name.... & u WILL see the Devil swallowed up in a 'sea' of VICTORY just like the Egyptions.

Jesus Is Lord

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Because of that OBEDIENCE, God lifted him high and HONORED him far beyond anyone or anything, ever, so that all created beings in heaven and on earth — even those long ago dead and buried — will bow in WORSHIP before this JESUS CHRIST, and call out in PRAISE that He is the Master of all,
to the GLORIOUS honor of God the Father."

Philippians 2:9-11 (The Message)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Jesus: The Vehicle Of God's Grace

I've realised over the last few months that God is still able 2 do SUPERABUNDANTLY in different aspects of our lives...despite our set-backs, failures, wrong attitudes, weakness, pain & our sufferings.... God's LOVE transcends our short comings.... & enables us to excell in the things He
alone has called & appointed for us... Jesus IS the vehicle of God's GRACE

"But GOD is so rich in MERCY, and he LOVED us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, he gave us LIFE when he raised Christ from the dead. (It is only by God’s GRACE that you have been saved!)  For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms
because we are UNITED with Christ Jesus."
Ephesians 2:4-7