Gay & Christian?

“There are no homosexuals in the Bible."

"Ruth and Naomi were no lesbians. David and Jonathan weren't gay. Neither were Jesus and John, the men of Sodom, cult prostitutes, slave boys and their masters, nor call boys and their customers. Calvin Theological Seminary Old Testament scholar Marten H. Woudstra says: "there is nothing in the Old Testament that corresponds to homosexuality as we understand it today" and as SMU New Testament scholar Victor Paul Furnish says: "There is no 'text on homosexual orientation in the Bible." Says Robin Scroggs of Union Seminary: "Biblical judgments against homosexuality are not relevant to today's debate. They should no longer be used ... not because the Bible is not authoritative, but simply because it does not address the issues involved. ... No single New Testament author considers [homosexuality] important enough to write his own sentence about it."

(excerpt from 'The Bible is an Empty Closet' by Dr. Ralph Blair).

We, as LGBT Christians, are often attacked by our non-LGBT members of Christ's family, with the Bible being used as their weapon in an attempt to separate us from the love of Christ. The Bible was not intended to be used as a weapon, nor as a tool to separate us from Christ; rather, its sole purpose is to gather all to Christ and His unconditional love.

All of us as members of Christ's family are called to learn the scriptures for ourselves and hold them in our heart , and doing so will enable us to reach out to everyone in all communities and demonstrate that Christ's love and grace is for all of us.