Thursday, April 08, 2010

Get Out Of Egypt! :P

I was thinking today about how the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt & how God sent them Moses, & how He called them out of Egypt into the Promised Land.

Just like a type of 'Moses' the Church is to be a Prophetic voice to the Nations, Cities & Society. We are to be a beacon of HOPE to a hurting humanity... We ARE the Church of Jesus Christ, Ambassadors of God's Glory in the Earth.

Just like the Israelites were captive in Egypt, we can be held as 'captives' to emotions, hurts, suffering, pain, addictions, depression. Egypt held the Israelites captive through suffering, pain, intimidation & control.

The Devil will hold u captive by fear, self-doubt, lies & unbelief. All of these things are tools he will & does use against the Church & people within society. It is OUR  job as the Church to set people free from these things, to deliver them out of their own personal 'Egypt' & into their 'Promised Land' - the place God has appointed for them...

"..... I (Jesus) came so that everyone would have LIFE, and have it in its FULLEST."
John 10:10 (CEV)

Jesus Christ came so that we can & would have an eternal, prosperous, successful, full life in Him...that we would be free from sin, sickness & the 'works' of the devil.

It is our job as God's Church - Anointed & Called for 'Such a time as this' to SHINE forth God's GOODNESS, KINDNESS, FAITHFULNESS towards people.... the same people with  the same problems, same situations & the same sins that Jesus died for 2000 years ago.

This is the time for us NOT to back down, be discouraged or depressed! NO!!
We have the V I C T O R Y .... We have the S O L U T I O N .... We HAVE Jesus Christ - The Hope of Glory living in US!!

We need to start an 'Exodus' out of 'Egypt' for OUR friends, families, work collegues... start to believe God for CHANGE in their lives & situations!

I believe God needs some crazy Christians who take Him at HIS Word.... who will walk & run in Faith for what He has called them to do....without doubting or questioning or reasoning things away - Just simply BELIEVING God will do what He has told them He will do, Who will go out full of FAITH, HOPE, BOLDNESS & VICTORY.

GO out & lay hands on the sick - get them healed, baptise people in the Holy Spirit, cast out demons in His Name.... & u WILL see the Devil swallowed up in a 'sea' of VICTORY just like the Egyptions.

Jesus Is Lord

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