Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so excited about what GOD has planned for the LGBT Community!

I believe we have such a great opportunity to show & demonstrate JESUS to the lost, hurting, discouraged, suffering, ashamed, abused, addicted & broken within the LGBT Community - An opportunity to bring HOPE, MERCY, GRACE, LOVE & HEALING.. To a Community where these things have been missing.

GOD is LOVE! Everything He does is done with this as His motive, Jesus NEVER judged, criticized or persecuted the 'sinner' instead He demostrated His unfailing MERCY, GRACE, LOVE to whoever He was with & around!

Jesus only ever critisized, judged & utterly condemed the Religious instituiton of His day!

He was always condeming their blatant hypocrisy, arrogance, heavy expectations that they placed on their followers.

Do we as the Church - judge, critisize, condem people & put them in the 'too hard basket'??

GREAT news is that GOD has NO 'too hard basket'! YAY!! :-D

"With man it is impossible, BUT with GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE!!"

I want YOU to know that:

* JESUS died for YOU!
* YOU are LOVED by GOD!
* YOU have a GREAT future!
* YOU are NOT alone!
* YOU are NOT an accident or a mistake!
* YOU can be HEALED!
* YOU can be FREE from your addictions!
* YOU cannot be seperated from GOD'S Love!

It is OUR responsibility to ANNOUNCE & SHOUT the GOOD News (Gospel) to OUR LGBT Community & supporters - That they ARE Loved, Respected, Valued, Honoured & especially NOT alone!

Jesus Is Lord


  1. Totally agree with you Sam!

    God's love is transformational! I'm so thankful for God's saving grace in my life!