Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sounds From Heaven.... Raining Presence Music

Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

I want to introduce you to a husband & wife team in the USA who have a Prophetic Worship Ministry - Raining Presence Music

This music of Alberto & Kimberly Rivera has a sound of Heaven on it - it creates an Atmosphere of God's Glory & Presence!

As soon as you start to listen to their Worship you can 'sense' something tangibly different compared to other Artists, I believe it is the Anointing of the Holy Spirit!

This music as you listen to it will lift you up into His Presence & deeper into the Glory realm - the miraculous realm where God manifests Himself to us!

Alberto & Kimberly's Worship is a mixture of spontaneous & the prophetic, intimate recordings of songs given by the Holy Spirit to the Church, the Anointing flows off every lyric as the songs flow together on the recordings.

Kimberly & Aberto are Spirit-Led in their worship - Spontaneous songs, Prophetic influeces & singing in the Spirit (Tongues) are common throughout.

I recommend anyone wanting more of God, anyone wanting to go deeper into the things of the Spirit - anywone wanting pure Worship in Spirit & Truth to either contact their Ministry via the link or purchase their music via iTunes.

This Anointed music will draw you up into His Glory - you can be healed from this music - the Anointing breaks the chains of bondage over & around us! You can be set free from addictions, depression, sickness & demonic influnces by listening to this Anointed Holy Spirit music!

Check Out!

or search 'Kimberly & Alberto Rivera' on iTunes to find their cd's

Jesus Is Lord

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