Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It Gets Better!!

**This is Bishop Gene Robinson's "It Gets Better" youtube video. His video is transparent, honest & encouraging! Gene Robinson is an openly Gay Bishop within the Church.
Check it out! Its a great Video!

Hey All.


No matter what it looks like now, where you are, or what's happening around you. It WILL get better!! I promise.

I know what it feels like when you feel you have no-one to talk to, reach out to, or someone to confide in. When your all alone in a dark place - a place where you cannot think clearly about things - a place which feels like a 'prison' around your mind & around about your very existence - until it feels like you have no hope, strength, or will to go any further.

I want you to know that, YOU are Unique, Special, Loved & have so muchValue!
Everything you do in life is important, valuable & is great because it's totally YOURS!

There is always HOPE, you are never alone in this life, someone - somewhere cares about you, thinks about you & truely loves you! You are never alone... even in your darkest hour.

I want to encourage you, that God has an awesome plan for your life, things you could only ever dream of, so wonderful that you couldn't comprehend the total understanding of it! Your life is a living example to others, YOU are a shining example of Hope to others! People who are going through the same things as yourself.

I once was in that place of total hopelessness & didn't know how I would cope with everything that appeared to be spiraling out of control around about me - My emotinoal struggles, the Church & friends abandoning me, having to tell Mum & Dad the truth about the whole 'Gay' thing! All these things took a toll on my mental health & physical health.

There is HOPE for you!

My life is now great! I have a loving, accepting family who love me for who I am - not who they think I shouold be. I have a wonderful Boyfriend Ben, he means everythig to me - Ben constantly challenges me to do life better! I am blessed to be doing life with him!

It truely did get better for me! Just like it will for YOU aswell.

This is the Truth that I have - that God dosent hate you! God dosen't want you to change! God isn't condeming you! God isn't abandoning you! But.... instead He (God) is:

- Loving
- Faithful
- Gracious
- Compassionate
- Merciful
- Understanding

This Truth will set YOU Free! You are LOVED by God! YOU have a bright FUTURE!

It will & IS getting better for YOU! Everyday is a NEW day, a NEW opportunity for YOU!

Some great websites with info to help you are:



Feel free to contact me or these websites if you want someone to talk to. We are all here for you. :-)

Sam x

Jesus Is Lord

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